What Are Some Items in a ZEE Medical First Aid Kit?


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Items in a ZEE personal first aid kit include bandages, alcohol and antiseptic wipes, according to ZEE Medical. The kit also includes burn creams. ZEE produces various first aid kits including the standard metal truck kit, the soft-side first aid kit and the infection control kit.

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The standard metal truck kit contains eye wash, an ice pack and antiseptic sprays and wipes. It also contains WoundSeal, tapes and disposable gloves, as well as bandages, compresses and gauze, notes ZEE Medical. The soft-side first aid kit contains eye wash solutions, adhesive tapes and bandages. In addition, the first aid kit has dressings, gauze pads and ice packs. The soft-side kit also carries nitrile gloves and scissors.

The infection control kit contains items to clean up and handle bodily fluids. It has gloves, a protective airway mask and specific sanitary wipes, explains ZEE Medical. ZEE also makes the two-shelf metal utility kit, the bodily fluid disposal kit and a travel first aid kit. Other first aid kits include the first responder kit, the first aid ready kit and the small plastic truck kit. The bodily fluid disposal kit has items that can replace the items in the infection control kit, while the small plastic truck kit contains items to treat minor injuries.

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