What Items Are on the Menu of the Ketogenic Diet Plan?


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The ketogenic diet plan includes meat, poultry, fresh fish, eggs, cheese, vegetables and nuts, along with herbs and spices, oil and butter, mayonnaise, and oil-based salad dressings and sauces, and artificial sweeteners. The main goal of the ketogenic diet plan is to avoid carbohydrates so that the body must pull energy from fat stores rather than muscle stores, notes the KetogenicDiet.org.

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Meat, which can include beef, venison, pork, veal and lamb, can be prepared in a variety of ways. However, the ketogenic dieter should be careful to check carbohydrate contents of processed meats, reports the KetogenicDiet.org. When preparing poultry, the meat should not breaded as this adds heavily to the carbohydrate content and the skin should be left on to increase fat content. Seafood should be fresh and not imitation as imitation fish or processed fish often has added carbohydrates. Cheese is acceptable on the ketogenic diet, but it contains carbs and should be limited. Regarding vegetables, green leafy vegetables contain the fewest amount of carbs and the highest amounts of nutritional value. Vegetables with a high sugar content, such as bell peppers and tomatoes, should be limited. While mayonnaise and oil-based salad dressings are okay to consume on the ketogenic diet, it is important to ensure that certain brands or types do not contain a high number of carbs.

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