What Are Some Items Included in a Gastric Bypass Diet?


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A gastric bypass diet begins with clear liquids such as juices and broth before progressing to soft or blended foods such as applesauce and mashed potatoes, according to the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. Patients can gradually incorporate a greater variety of foods as they recover from surgery.

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What Are Some Items Included in a Gastric Bypass Diet?
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For the first two weeks after gastric bypass surgery and the initial clear liquid diet in the hospital, patients should consume a protein-rich liquid diet with minimal fat and sugar, explains UCSF Medical Center. They can consume small amounts of foods such as soups, milk, semolina porridge, yogurt and cottage cheese, and they can add protein to the diet with ingredients such as protein powder, milk powder and egg powder.

Eventually, individuals can start to incorporate soft foods such as pureed vegetables, noodles and canned fruits, suggests UCSF Medical Center. They can also attempt easy-to-chew protein-rich foods such as tofu, scrambled egg whites, fish and lean ground meats. Two to six months after surgery, patients can explore a variety of dairy, meat, starch, fruit and vegetable products, but they should ensure their vegetables are thoroughly cooked, and they should not eat dried fruits or fruit skins. They can only have small amounts of bread and rice. After six months, their repertoire expands further, but they should continue to restrict themselves to a balanced low-calorie diet that consists of low-sugar and low-fat foods.

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