What Does Itchy Skin Without a Rash Mean?

itchy-skin-rash-mean Credit: Richard Wear / Design Pics/Perspectives/Getty Images

Itchy skin without a rash can be related to different conditions, such as hypothyroidism, an allergic reaction, liver disease, kidney problems, polycythemia vera, lymphoma and certain systemic disease, according to Merck Manual. Similarly, some drug medications can also cause itchy skin without a rash. However, a very common cause of this problem, which is also called pruritus, is dry skin.

Many factors can cause dry skin or xerosis, including cold weather, excessive bathing and being in an environment with low humidity. Nevertheless, skin that itches without a rash can also be the result of a systemic or internal disease such as leukemia, kidney failure and anemia related to an iron deficiency. Patients with AIDS can also have pruritus with or without a rash. Nearly 84 percent of AIDS patients experience this symptom, notes the National Cancer Institute.

Different types of cancers, such as Hodgkin lymphoma and carcinomas located in different areas of the body, can produce the sensation of itchy skin. Cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment may also experience pruritus.

When patients receive morphine intravenously, it can lead to itchy skin. Pruritus can also manifest in pregnant women and in patients with conditions that include diabetes and multiple sclerosis, as noted by Mayo Clinic. In pregnant women, itching can occur in any region, such as the abdomen and breasts.