Are Itchy Patches a Sign of Skin Cancer?


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An itchy patch of skin that is also painful can be a symptom of skin cancer, reports WebMD. According to a research study, after examining the records of 268 patients with skin cancer, researchers noted that about one-third of the patients reported they had itchy lesions. Basal and squamous cell carcinomas were the type of skin cancer associated with these itchy and painful lesions.

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Are Itchy Patches a Sign of Skin Cancer?
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Melanoma lesions were not associated with itchiness or pain, according to this same study. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that is more rare and dangerous, relates the Skin Cancer Foundation.

In addition to itchy and painful skin patches, some other signs of skin cancer are lesions or skin lumps that form crusts, ooze or bleed, as reported by the American Cancer Society. These symptoms also are linked with basal and squamous cancer cells. However, the symptoms tend to appear after the cancer has grown.

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