What Are Some Itching Hemorrhoids Treatments?


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Treatments for itching hemorrhoids include warm-water baths, over-the-counter hemorrhoid creams, hydrocortisone creams and suppositories, witch hazel wipes, and ice packs, according to Harvard Medical School. Hemorrhoid discomfort is typically relieved by these measures.

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A warm water, or sitz, bath that covers the buttocks and hips reduces itching, explains Harvard Medical School. The patient uses a regular bathtub or small plastic tub placed over the toilet seat. Doctors usually recommend a 20-minute bath after each bowel movement plus two or three additional baths.

Nonprescription topical creams contain local anesthetics, Harvard Medical School continues. Hydrocortisone hemorrhoid medication should not be used for longer than a week, because it can harm skin. Witch hazel wipes or ice packs cool the affected area.

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