What Are Some Issues That Might Arise in a Friends With Benefits Situation?


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Issues that might arise in a friends with benefits situation include jealousy and confusion concerning the exact nature of the relationship. Additionally, the situation could be one-sided instead of arranged to meet the needs of both parties. Friends with benefits situations could potentially ruin a friendship or, perhaps worse, end up as a desperate attempt to salvage a friendship from which one or both of the parties would like to remove the friends with benefits label.

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Jealousy can arise during a friends with benefits situation when one of the participants, sometimes unknowingly, becomes more invested in the thought of taking the relationship to a more serious level. While friends with benefits situations are, by nature, not monogamous, it could be devastating to see the other participant becoming romantically involved with another person.

Many friends with benefits situations are plagued with confusion over semantics. While one partner may see the arrangement as a way to casually hook up, the other may want the trend to continue on a more frequent basis. Additionally, parties may not agree on what a casual situation is and may need to discuss if seeing other people while still hooking up is appropriate.

Friends with benefits situations should meet the needs of both parties. The terms of just one partner should never dictate, as this leads to the less dominant partner feeling frustrated and unwanted.

These types of situations could potentially ruin a friendship. What was once a close relationship is often limited to sexual contact, and the bond there prior to the relationship dissolves. Conversely, unwanted friends with benefits situations often continue simply as a means to preserve a friendship that may not survive the resolution of the no strings attached, sexual relationship.

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