What Are Issues That Can Arise With Treadmills?


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Safety issues that can arise with treadmills include falling off while the machine is in motion or getting fingers and hands caught between the running track and the frame. Other health issues relate to incorrect posture while using the machine or exercising with the wrong settings.

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As of 2015, the treadmill is the most dangerous type of exercise equipment in the United States. People who step on a treadmill while the running track is in motion, become distracted while exercising, or jump off before turning off the machine risk serious injuries such as bruises, broken bones and concussions. If hands get caught in a treadmill, the moving machine can burn fingers, scrape off skin and break bones, leading to chronic pain and sometimes amputation. Sometimes children inadvertently put their fingers into the machines or become entangled in the power cords. Exercisers should always start the machine after they are on and turn it off before they step down.

Turning the head to watch a television screen or looking down at feet while using a treadmill creates tension on the neck and spine and inhibits oxygen intake. Correct posture requires facing straight forward with the chin parallel to the floor. It's also important to warm up properly before using a treadmill to avoid injuries.

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