Why Isn't My Body Toning Up?


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The primary reasons a person's body does not tone according to expectations concerns inadequate or excessive calorie intake, improper diet composition and an incorrect exercise regimen. These all contribute to the maintenance of a desired metabolism that results in nourishing muscle tissue and warding off fat.

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Toning the body involves losing the layer of fat that surrounds muscle tissue in order to increase the visibility of musculature. The primary culprit of fat loss prevention is excessive calorie intake. Consuming a higher number of calories than the body burns hinders fat loss. On the other hand, failure to supply the body with an ample amount of calories causes the body to enter starvation mode, disabling the body from using fat stores.

It's necessary to increase the number of calories the body is able to burn as a supplement to monitoring calorie intake. This is achieved by constructing an exercise regimen containing both strength training and cardiovascular training. Strength training results in an increase in muscle mass that requires more calories than fat, and cardiovascular training burns a high number of calories in the moment.

The composition of diet plays a crucial role in muscle toning as well. The body needs enough protein to maintain lean muscle tissue and a limited amount of simple carbohydrates, such as refined grains and sugars. For proper metabolism function and to eliminate harmful toxins, the body requires daily at least six cups of cold water and 25 grams of fiber.

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