Is Iron Infusion Treatment Effective for Anemia?


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Iron infusion treatment is an effective way to treat anemia, notes the Cleveland Clinic. The treatment is recommended for severely anemic patients and for patients who cannot take iron supplements orally.

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Iron infusion therapy involves injecting an iron solution, referred to as intravenous iron, into the patient’s blood veins, according to the Cleveland Clinic. In cases of severe anemia, this method provides a quick source of iron, as the iron goes directly into the bloodstream.

Other situations where the treatment is recommended include when the patient has gastrointestinal bleeding, or if the patient is undergoing kidney dialysis or chemotherapy treatments, explains the Cleveland Clinic. Doctors advise some pregnant women suffering from severe anemia to use iron infusion, as the treatment does not affect the pregnancy, and iron stores increase at a better rate, says PubMed Central.

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