What Is an Iodine Self Test?


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An iodine self test is a home test for iodine deficiency performed by painting a patch of orange iodine tincture on the skin and checking the color the next day, as instructed by Dr. David Williams. If the patch is faded or gone completely, the user is probably iodine deficient.

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To perform the iodine test, users should paint a 3-inch square patch of the tincture on the abdomen, inner thigh or inner forearm, according to Dr. David Williams. The degree to which the orange color fades indicates the severity of the iodine deficiency. If the patch does not change color, the iodine level in the body is adequate. Users can repeat the test approximately one month after beginning supplementation to check their levels. Keep in mind that an iodine tincture is not a supplement and is poisonous if consumed.

Outside factors such as atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature can affect the evaporation and consequential disappearance of the patch, so the test may not always be reliable, as stated by the Global Healing Center. Additionally, an iodine self test is not a substitute for clinical tests, which more accurately measure iodine levels in the body. Users should make an appointment with a doctor for proper testing if they believe they may have a deficiency.

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