Is Iodine Plus-2 Safe?


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The American Thyroid Association warns that taking supplements with more than 500 micrograms of iodine is unsafe and may cause thyroid dysfunction, notes WebMD. The manufacturer's label for Iodine Plus-2 lists a total of 12.5 milligrams or 12,500 micrograms, of iodine per tablet.

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WebMD notes that the safe upper daily limit of iodine is 1,100 micrograms. Thyroid disease expert Mary Shomon for About.com explains that taking excessive amounts of iodine can cause thyroid inflammation and autoimmune hypothyroidism. Excessive amounts of iodine also prevent the thyroid from making hormones that lead to transient hypothyroidism.

According to WebMD, most individuals in the United States get sufficient iodine from iodized salt and foods and should not take supplemental iodine. Pregnant women are advised to take 150 micrograms of supplemental iodine every day.

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