What Is Involved With a Viviscal Hair Treatment?


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The Viviscal hair treatment program combines orally administered dietary supplements and products applied directly to the hair and scalp. The combined aim of all of Viviscal's forms of treatment is to restore and maintain the length, volume and strength of the user's hair, according to Viviscal.

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The health and maintenance of hair is largely a matter of nutrients within the diet, and some diets are more thorough in taking care of these nutritional needs than others. Viviscal's vitamin supplements provide valuable nutrients for people who follow diets that otherwise do not contain the nutrients closely associated with healthy growth, maintenance and volume of hair, claims Viviscal.

Other variables that can have a noteworthy effect on hair health include age, heredity, environment and overstyling, which, in the case of particularly detrimental products, can adversely affect hair health. The hair health solutions in Viviscal's treatments that are applied directly to the hair and scalp combat these factors. Viviscal's shampoo, conditioner and scalp serums are similar in purpose to other popular hair care products, but 20 years of scientific research and seven thorough clinical studies to maximize their ability to cleanse, exfoliate and create the ideal growth environment for new hair support their effectiveness, according to Viviscal.

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