What Is Involved in a Two-Day Colonoscopy Prep?


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A two-day colonoscopy preparation, which aims to clean the colon, involves starting a clear liquid diet for up to two days before the colonoscopy, depending on the type of colon prep the doctor suggests, according to WebMD. It leads to loose stools and diarrhea, emptying the colon for the colonoscopy.

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The diet for a colon prep, also called a bowel prep, includes sports drinks, juice without pulp, gelatin, broth, and plain coffee or tea, states Healthline. It is important to avoid drinking fluids with red or purple dye colors, which can lead to discoloration in the colon.

People who are about to undergo a colonoscopy should tell their doctors about over-the-counter drugs, supplements or other medications they are currently taking, notes Healthline. Doctors may advise them to stop taking diabetes medications, blood thinners and vitamins with iron content, as these can affect the procedure. The night before the colonoscopy, doctors recommend taking a laxative or using an enema.

Individuals should ask someone to drive them home after the procedure, as they cannot drive for 24 hours due to the sedative they received during the colonoscopy, says Healthline. While it is common to experience gas, bloating and a bit of blood in the stool, anyone who experiences these for many days following the test should consult his doctor immediately.

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