What Is Involved in Rehab for a Broken Hip?


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Rehab for a broken hip that requires hip fracture surgery includes breathing exercises to eliminate congestion in the lungs, medication to control pain and prevent blood clots, and the use of a compression stocking on the affected leg to keep blood circulating, explains WebMD. Patients are also expected to learn how to move their feet to flex muscles and to keep their hips in a comfortable position when getting in and out of bed during rehab.

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A patient undergoing rehab after a surgically repaired hip works with a physician or physical therapist to regain muscle control and complete movement exercises, according to WebMD. The patient should begin moving soon after surgery to speed up recovery. Most patients are moved out of a bed and into a chair on the first day after surgery and begin performing light exercises on the second day after surgery.

A physical therapist rehabilitates the patient during the first week after surgery by providing assistance with walking, climbing stairs, and getting in and out of chairs and a bed. This improves strength in the hip and the patient's range of motion, explains WebMD. Patients commonly use walking aids, such as crutches, a cane or a walker, for a few months. Full recovery from hip fracture surgery may take up to a year.

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