What Is Involved in Perineal Care for Males?


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Perineal care for males involves bathing and cleaning the upper thigh and genital area, according to Assessment Technologies Institute Nursing Education. Perineal care is performed typically after genital or rectal surgery to prevent infection, odor or skin breakdown.

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Perineal care is often performed by a nurse or caregiver. Position the bed at a comfortable height and have the male patient lie on his back with knees bent and legs slightly apart, recommends ATI Nursing Education. When cleaning the upper thigh and genital area, cover the patient with a sheet or blanket to maintain warmth, comfort and privacy.

During perineal care, the male's upper thighs are wiped down first with a warm towel and soft soap, explains ATI Nursing Education. The tip of the penis is cleaned in a circular motion beginning with the center and moving outward with a clean cloth. The shaft of the penis is washed moving from the tip to the base in a descending motion. Nurses or caregivers continue perineal care by washing the underlying folds and the scrotum, drying each part of the body after washing to prevent infection, rashes or chafing. The inner and outer buttocks are typically washed and dried last during perineal care.

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