What Is Involved in a Macular Degeneration Test?


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A macular degeneration test involves different procedures depending on whether the ophthalmologist is testing for dry or wet macular degeneration. For dry macular degeneration, the doctor first dilates the eyes and then uses a ophthalmoscope to examine them; for wet macular degeneration, special photographs are taken to detect abnormalities.

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When the eye doctor examines a patient's eyes for dry macular degeneration, she uses the ophthalmoscope to evaluate the retina and other parts at the back of the eye. If the doctor detects any potential issues, she uses an Amsler grid to check for symptoms such as blurred or darkened vision.

In the case of possible wet macular degeneration, the opthamologist uses specialized equipment to take pictures of the eye and identify irregular blood vessels.

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