What Is Involved in the Homemade Pregnancy Test Using Toothpaste?

According to HomemadeTestPregnancy.com, a tube of white-colored toothpaste, a plastic container and urine are needed to perform a homemade pregnancy test. After putting a small amount of toothpaste into the plastic container, a woman who might be pregnant adds her urine to the container. If the woman is pregnant, the toothpaste may turn from white to blue. MyPregnancyTest.com states this happens right after combining the urine and toothpaste.

Foam also forms if the woman is pregnant. However, if the urine and toothpaste solution sits for too long, foam also forms, which can lead to confusion. Because the timing and results vary between women and the guidelines on how to perform homemade tests are not specific, a store-bought pregnancy test is recommended in order to double-check results, followed by a visit to a doctor. Other homemade pregnancy tests involve dandelions, bleach, or Pine-Sol cleaner, according to HomemadeTestPregnancy.com. These tests, along with the toothpaste test and store-bought tests, seek to detect the human chorionic gonadotropin, which is only found in pregnant women. Because the costs of repeated store-bought testing can add up, homemade testing is a cheap or even free way to test for pregnancy using ingredients already found in most homes.