What Is Involved in Gastric Sleeve Surgery?


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During a gastric sleeve surgery, incisions are made in the abdomen, a camera is used to provide a clear view during the operation and a large part of the stomach is removed. The aim of the surgical procedure is to make the stomach smaller in order to help a patient lose weight, as stated by WebMD.

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What Is Involved in Gastric Sleeve Surgery?
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After the removal of a part of the stomach, this operation cannot be reversed. It allows a person to become full faster than before. Emptying of food into the small intestine will also be quicker. Therefore, a patient will need to make long-term dietary changes to lose weight.

There will be cases of belly pain a few weeks following the surgery and a person will use medications that help to relieve the pain. The doctor will provide specific instructions on what a person should eat. Typically, a patient should expect lifelong changes after the surgery, including changes in bowel movements, as stated by WebMD.

There are several risks associated with gastric sleeve surgery, including poor nutrition, gallstones and infections, such as peritonitis. A patient will need to visit the doctor regularly to monitor their progress. The success for this operation is higher, especially for people who keep medical appointments and follow a strict diet plan.

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