What Is Involved in Foot Wart Removal?


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Plantar warts or warts that appear on the balls or heels of feet can be removed with several treatments, such as applying salicylic acid or undergoing cryotherapy, according to Mayo Clinic. Plantar warts tend to heal without treatment after a year or two, but over-the-counter medicines are available as well.

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Strong peeling medicine and other prescription-strength wart treatments that have salicylic acid remove a wart's layers over time, according to Mayo Clinic. This medication can also boost an immune system's ability to heal the wart. Doctors can cut off parts of the wart, but medical reports show that this treatment is more effective when used with cryotherapy. Freezing treatment or cryotherapy involves applying liquid nitrogen to a wart using a cotton swab or a spray. Applying liquid nitrogen makes a blister form around the wart, and the affected tissue sheds within a week.

For severe cases of plantar warts, other procedures such as minor surgery and laser treatment are also available, notes Mayo Clinic. A pulsed-dye laser treatment cauterizes the blood vessels around the wart, causing the infection to die. Doctors who perform surgery for wart removal cut the wart or remove it with an electric needle. Both procedures can be painful and cause scarring, so these methods aren't usually recommended for treating plantar warts.

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