Who Invented Toothpaste?


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A dentist named Dr. Peabody is credited with inventing the first modern toothpaste. Some historians also believe that Egyptians started using tooth powder as long ago as 3,000 B.C., and in A.D. 47, the Roman physician Scribonius Largust developed three types of tooth powder.

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Dr. Peabody, in 1824, invented the first modern toothpaste, a soap-based mixture. About 25 years later, John Harris added chalk to the soap-based mixture. Colgate began mass producing toothpaste jars in 1873, and 19 years later, Connecticut-based Dr. Washington Sheffield introduced America to toothpaste tubes. He called his toothpaste Dr. Sheffield's Creme Dentifrice. After World War II ended, emulsifying agents like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Ricinoleate replaced soap in toothpaste. Colgate added fluoride to toothpaste a few years later.

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