Will the InterStim System Cure Bladder Control Problems?


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Most users of the InterStim device report being completely free of incontinence episodes while others report being mostly free with mild and infrequent episodes, according to Medtronic. Users also report a significant reduction in the amount of bathroom visits they have to take each day.

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InterStim is a device that stimulates the sacral nerves, which are located toward the lower back and connect to the urinary system, as stated by The Urology Team, P.A. A physician surgically implants the neurostimulator near the patient's urinary system, and the device stimulates certain sacral nerves through a thin wire, says Medtronic. The device delivers a mild electric current to the nerves to stimulate them in a way that controls the patient's overactive bladder issues. The patient is given a separate device that allows him to control the strength of the current.

The device may also be used for constipation, as claimed by Medtronic. When used in this way, the device stimulates the sacral nerves connected to the bowels and rectum instead, improving the frequency of bowel movements in most individuals.

The use of neurostimulators does carry some risk, says Medtronic. Though uncommon, these risks may result in complications that require surgery to correct.

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