What Do Internal Hemorrhoids Feel Like?


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Internal hemorroids don't usually cause any physical discomfort, according to the Mayo Clinic. However, they can cause bleeding. Additionally, if the inflamed veins begin to protrude through the anal opening, particles of mucus and stool can irritate the affected area, causing pain and an itching sensation known as pruritus ani.

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What Do Internal Hemorrhoids Feel Like?
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Internal hemorrhoids develop when sensitive veins inside the rectum swell, and they are rarely visible from the surface. Straining during difficult bowel movements can irritate the veins and trigger light bleeding. In rare cases, an internal hemorrhoid may become "strangulated" and cause severe discomfort or tissue damage if normal blood flow through the vein is interrupted. Harvard Medical School explains that mild cases are typically treated with topical creams, but persistent symptoms may lead to semi-invasive procedures, such as rubber band litigation, that intentionally reduce blood circulation to quickly terminate hemorrhoids.

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