What Are Some Interesting Ice Breaker Ideas?


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Ice breakers Connecting Stories, React and Act, and the string game, are suited for small groups of two to five people, whereas other activities, including the Blanket Game, Bigger and Better, and Great Wind Blows are more suitable for medium-sized groups. Getting to know you games like Fear in a Hat and Defend the Egg are excellent for team building in groups of 10 to 30 people. Larger groups might enjoy Identity Circles, Group Juggling, and Giants, Wizards and Elves.

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In groups of two to eight people, participants of Connecting Stories have post-it notes and pens. With the goal of connecting stories in interesting ways, one person begins by detailing a short memory or experience from their life. Another player then shares a memory that ties in with the first one with similar themes or elements. The process continues with new experiences shared each time. Each bit of the story is written on a post-it note and posted so that a string of stories are visible.

After forming two teams of five to 10 people, the teams stand in front of a room with a nontransparent curtain or blanket held between them. Opposite team members should not be able to see one another. If participants do not know one another well, they can give brief introductions including their names. Each round involves one person from both teams approaching the blanket, the facilitator counting to three and then dropping the barrier. Both team members announce the opposing player's name as quickly as possible.

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