What Are Some Interesting Facts on Hypothermia?


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Approximately 67 percent of hypothermia-related deaths are among males. This is attributed to the generally smaller amount of subcutaneous layer of fat found in males compared to women.

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Children and the elderly are also more susceptible to hypothermia. Children are susceptible because they have a larger ratio of skin surface area to body weight, making them more prone to heat loss. The elderly tend to be susceptible because their thermoregulation is slowed down due to their age.

Individuals who are taking a number of drugs, such as narcotic pain medications and antidepressants, are also at risk of developing hypothermia in sub-freezing temperatures. These medications can alter the body's ability to regulate temperature. Consuming too much alcohol may also result in quicker loss of body heat.

Hypothermia is the drop of the body's temperature to less than 95 degree Fahrenheit due to prolonged exposure to a cold natural environment. It often occurs outside in sub-freezing weather, but can also occur indoors where proper heating is unavailable or the thermostat is turned down too low. During hypothermia, the body loses heat faster than it can warm itself. Hypothermia is dangerous and life-threatening if not treated in time. A body temperature that is too low affects the brain, leading to incoherence, fainting and unconsciousness.

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