What Are Some Interactive Activities for People With Dementia?


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Good interactive activities for patients with dementia include singing songs, gardening, performing household tasks, playing puzzles and cooking with a family member, suggests Alzheimers.net. Watching family videos, reading favorite books, painting, knitting and other art activities are also pleasurable activities for dementia patients.

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Alzheimer's patients who used to enjoy crossword puzzles should play with jigsaw puzzles consisting of large pieces, states AARP. Raking and other simple tasks with repetitive movements give dementia patients a sense of fulfillment. Nontoxic herbs stimulate their senses while gardening. A therapeutic garden is a safe, relaxing place for dementia patients to take a stroll, feed birds and soak up some sunlight.

Drawing with crayons and painting with watercolors allow Alzheimer's patients to channel the inner artists in them, explains AARP. Joining yoga classes, swimming, walking and performing other easy exercises help boost their appetite and improve their sleep. Many Alzheimer's patients find sorting items by design, shape or color to be interesting.

Alzheimer's patients benefit from engaging in meaningful hobbies and activities that they previously enjoyed, as these activities help stimulate their memories, improve relationships with others, reduce the negative emotions associated with dementia and make them feel active, explains Alzheimers.net. Because Alzheimer's disease impairs a person's memory, behavior and senses, activities should be safe and less complex.

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