What Are the Instructions for Using an Ab Roller?


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Rest on your knees, holding the rod of the Ab Roller in each hand. Place the roller on the ground with your chest directly over the roller in a resting position. While tightening your core muscles, push the roller forward as far as you can control it, and then return to the resting position. The arms will remain fully extended through the entire range of motion.

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When first using this piece of equipment, do not extend to your body's full range of motion; instead, push the roller away from you until it becomes difficult. Hold this position for one second, and then return to the rest position. Slow and controlled movements strengthen and define the muscles, while moving quickly can cause injuries to the inexperienced user. Perform this movement 10 times, take a 60- to 90-second break, and then repeat. Perform two to three times a week.

As this movement becomes easier, extend the roller further. When you are able to roll out to the point that your arms are fully extended over your head, perform this movement from a plank position. This position is similar to the resting position, except the feet are on the ground with the legs fully extended. As the maneuver is now more intense, do not push the Ab Roller as far forward as it will go. Push it until tension is felt, hold that position for one second, and then return to the resting position.

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