What Are Some Instructions to Follow for Effective Meditation?


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Though the specific techniques can vary, most styles of meditation require practitioners to focus their attention in a distraction-free setting, make themselves physically comfortable and take slow, easy breaths for effective meditation, according to Mayo Clinic. There are various methods of meditation, including guided, mantra and mindfulness meditation techniques. Practices such as tai chi and yoga enhance meditation with structured physical movement.

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The most effective meditation techniques can vary by individual, and you should be willing to try different methods and practice to improve the effectiveness of the chosen technique, explains Mayo Clinic. In guided meditation, you focus on a scene or image and try to recreate it as vividly as possible. A second party can assist by describing the scene, or you can create your own. Engaging all the senses, such as imagining the smells and sounds of a location, can create a more vivid image and more effective meditation.

In mantra meditation, repetition of a chosen word or phrase focuses the mind, reports Mayo Clinic. You can try using a religious mantra, such as a prayer or religious verse, or a secular calming word or phrase. In mindfulness meditation, you focus deeply on mental and physical stimuli. For example, you can focus on your own breathing to increase mindfulness.

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