How Do Instant Face-Lifts Using Tape Work?


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Instant face-lifts using tape involve applying tape at the temples, jaw and forehead and pulling the tapes back to create the illusion of a face-lift. Ordinarily, the tapes are attached to a wig cap via tape, string or elastic bands, says The Dermatology Review.

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Face tapes can smooth visible wrinkles and help prevent against sagging. Many performers use face tapes, including show girls, actresses and models. Most commonly, face tapes are used by actors intending to play a younger character, notes The Dermatology Review.

Tapes attached to the head via string or elastic bands are the most durable, whereas tapes that are not attached to anything are likely to fall off. Elastic bands and string are secured to the head via a wig cap or bobby pins and are placed underneath a wig or weave. Unsecured tapes are usually obscured by a woman's natural hairline but may fall off later on in the day. The Dermatology Review recommends that users camouflage the tapes in the hairline or by styling the hair in a strategic way.

Often tapes are applied onto clean skin and makeup is applied on top so that the tapes look as natural as possible. However, it takes practice to accurately conceal the face tapes. Most "face-lift" tape distributors have instructional videos on their websites pertaining to proper application and maintenance, states The Dermatology Review.

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