How Do You Insert a Pessary?

To insert a pessary, the patient uses one hand to spread open the vagina while the other pushes the device inside the cavity, according to Urology Associates, P.C. The patient should place a water-soluble lubricant jelly on the tip that enters the vagina.

The bladder should be emptied before insertion, and the device may need to be pushed so it rests behind the pubic bone, as stated by Urology Associates, P.C. Once inserted, the patient should be unable to feel the device, but it may fall out during straining or heavy lifting. To remove a pessary, the patient should squat, lie down, elevate one leg on a stool or toilet, or find another comfortable position before inserting two fingers into the vagina to grab the device. It should be slowly turned and pulled out. The user must then wash it with soap and water before drying and reinserting it.

The patient may need to experiment with different pessary types to find the right fit, and the doctor generally instructs the patient on how to insert, remove and clean the device during the fitting, as affirmed by WebMD. If the patients finds it difficult to insert and remove the pessary alone, she may make regular appointments to have it done at the doctor's office.