How Do You Insert Your Own Female Catheter?

To self-catheterize with a female catheter, wash your hands and then the area between your legs after choosing a position, lubricate the catheter tip, locate the urinary opening, spread the labia with one hand, and push the tip into the urinary opening with the other hand until urine flows, according to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Then, remove the catheter when the urine stops flowing and either discard it or clean it for reuse, as per your doctor's instructions.

Catheterization is the process of inserting tiny tubes called catheters into the urethra to remove urine from the bladder, explains the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. To self-catheter, insert the catheter by yourself in your home whilst observing high standards of hygiene. Items needed include a catheter, soap, a water-soluble lubricant, two clean and warm washcloths, and a pan for urine collection. Never microwave or soak a reusable catheter in disinfectant, though on rare occasions, a doctor may suggest sterilizing a catheter in hot water.

Women who self-catheterize should seek immediate medical attention if they experience cloudy urine, blood in the urine, changes in urine odor, urine leaks between self-catheterization sessions and bladder pain, notes the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.