How Do You Insert a Catheter?


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A female pushes the catheter into the urethra until urine begins to flow, explains MedlinePlus. Drugs.com states the males should hold the penis straight from the body, and the catheter is placed into the urinary meatus and pushed into the penis until urine begins to flow.

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MedlinePlus advises a female to hold the labia with one hand to find the urinary opening and then use the other hand to slide the catheter into the urethra. A lubricating gel should be placed on the tip and top 2 inches of the catheter if gel is not already on it. Wash the hands well before using the catheter, and use a mirror for assistance. Do not force the catheter into the urethra, and breathe deeply during insertion. Clean the urinary opening and labia after removing the catheter, and empty it into toilet.

A male should lie down, sit with the knees bent or stand in front of the toilet before inserting a catheter, Drugs.com explains. A water-based lubricant needs to be placed on the first 7 to 10 inches of the catheter. After the urine begins to flow, push the catheter up one more inch until the urine stops. Pinch the catheter when urine stops, and gently pull the catheter out of the penis.

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