What Is Inoperable Liver Cancer?


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Inoperable liver cancer is a cancer that cannot be managed through a surgical operation. This may be because the cancer is too advanced or the liver is very damaged to allow a surgical operation. In some situations, tumors can spread throughout the liver, making it risky for a person to undergo a surgery.

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Liver cancers are usually difficult to treat because they tend to be detected late. Secondary liver cancer is usually difficult to treat since it has already reach an advanced stage. The bile ducts and the complex network of blood vessels in the liver make it difficult for a surgery to be conducted. Therefore, most medical approaches are intended to help liver cancer patients to live longer and feel comfortable. Detecting liver cancer early enough can help a person get the tumors surgically removed, as stated by WebMD.

In some situations, patients may undergo chemoembolization, which helps to reduce the size of the tumors so as to allow surgery. This may also be done using ethanol, as sated by WebMD. A person may need to undergo low-dose radiation and chemotherapy to slow down the growth of the tumors and to relieve pain. Painkilling medication is usually given to patients to relieve nausea and reduce swelling.

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