What Are Some Inner Thigh Exercises?


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Squats, leg lifts, scissor kicks and thigh lifts can be used to tone, shape and strengthen the inner thighs. All of these exercises can be done at home as they don't require any special equipment.

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Supine leg lifts are one of the best inner thigh exercises. They are done by lying flat on the back, with both legs straight in the air above the hips and the hands flat on the ground beside the body. Keeping one leg pointed to the ceiling, lower the other leg to the side as far as it will go, making sure to keep the hips on the ground. Bring the legs back together, and then repeat at least 15 times on each side.

The inside thigh lift is another excellent inner thigh exercise, which is done by lying on the side and then lifting the leg as high as it can go. Hold the pose for a few seconds, and then drop the leg back down. Do at least 15 repetitions with each leg.

Squats are also a good choice, which can be made tougher by doing a pile squat, where the toes are pointed out from the body. For an even tougher workout, try the pile walk, which involves getting into the pile squat, then walking two steps forward, followed by two steps back. Repeat the process for 30 seconds before taking a break and then repeating the process a few more times.

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