How Are Inner Ear Infections in Adults Treated?


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In adults, inner ear, or middle ear, infections are treated with oral antibiotics, according to About.com. Recurrent ear infections in adults may be caused by enlarged turbinates or nasal polyps. If this is the case, they need to be surgically removed.

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How Are Inner Ear Infections in Adults Treated?
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Symptoms of an inner ear infection include ear pain, fever, drainage and hearing loss, claims About.com. Vertigo and pressure in the ear may also indicate an inner ear infection. Ear infections often occur following a cold, so to prevent them from forming, it is important to take a decongestant. They may also occur after flying, so taking a decongestant as a preventative measure is also recommended.

Ear infections in adults can be avoided by staying away from cigarette smoke, explains About.com. Cleaning the ears with cotton swabs should also be avoided and can also help people prevent ear infections. Inner ear infections are rare in adults, but common in children. This condition is usually treated easily with antibiotics, but if not, another type of medication may be given. It is also important to understand that some ear infections are caused by viruses. In this case, antibiotics do not treat the infection. Instead, the immune system treats the virus and management of the symptoms may be done for the comfort of the patient.

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