How Are Injuries to the Sciatic Nerve Treated?


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First-line treatments for injuries to the sciatic nerve include pain medications, the application of heat to the affected area and exercise, according to WebMD. Stubborn sciatica may require physical therapy, stronger pain medications, injectable steroids or surgery to correct the condition causes the pain.

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How Are Injuries to the Sciatic Nerve Treated?
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It is recommended that those with sciatic nerve pain avoid sitting, but instead alternate lying down with walking for short distances and then increasing the distance progressively. Over-the-counter pain medications, including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, such as Aleve or Advil, or acetaminophen may be used for pain. Applying a heating paid for 20 minutes every few hours can also be helpful, as can single-use heat wraps or warm showers.

Persistent sciatic nerve pain may require more complex treatments. Physical therapy may be recommended to treat sciatic pain, or an injection of steroids to reduce swelling may become necessary. Stronger pain medications, including prescription opiates or muscle relaxers, may be ordered.

As a last resort, some sciatic nerve pain sufferers may require surgery to correct the problem causing the pain, as noted by Spine-Health.com. For example, sciatic nerve pain due to a herniated lumbar disc may be treated with a microdiscectomy, which is a procedure where the part of the herniated disc that is pinching the sciatic nerve is removed. Most surgeries for sciatica are elective procedures.

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