What Injections for Back Pain Are Available?


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According to WebMD, three types of injections available for back pain are an epidural, a nerve block and a discography. These injections are administered to treat back conditions known as radiculopathy and spinal stenosis. Radiculopathy causes pain to shoot from the lower back into the legs, while spinal stenosis sometimes causes back pain.

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An epidural injection involves administering medication by needle into the spinal region, explains WebMD. The epidural needle contains a steroid medication and is given after the area to be injected is numbed with an anesthetic. While an epidural is usually not painful, the injection area may be slightly tender for a few days afterwards. A nerve block injection is a treatment that administers either an anesthetic or numbing medication into the back. This type of injection almost completely eliminates back pain symptoms; however, the effects of the medication wear off after a few hours. Doctors may choose to give a patient a nerve block injection when seeking to find out what is causing back pain symptoms.

A discography injection is given in cases where a patient has a damaged back disc located between the spinal bones. The injection needle contains a dye that allows the doctor to see clearly the damaged area on an X-ray video machine after it disperses inside the patient, notes WebMD.

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