How Do Injectable Fillers Work?


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Injectable fillers work by filling up the area under the skin, with a natural or synthetic substance, to flatten out wrinkles and lines, according to John Barrymore for HowStuffWorks. People also use injectable fillers to fill out the lips and improve imperfections.

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The process of getting injectable fillers is an outpatient procedure and occurs in a doctor's office, explains Barrymore. Depending on the filler, a dermatologist may want to give the patient a skin test to check for allergies. During the procedure, the doctor gives the patient a number of injections, and following the procedure, the patient may return to work or return to a regular routine immediately. However, it is best to stay out of the sun and avoid any strenuous activities for the day.

It is important that those who choose an injectable filler ensure it has approval from the Food and Drug Administration, states Barrymore. There are natural and synthetic fillers available. Some of the natural fillers on the market with approval from the Food and Drug Administration include Cosmoderm, Zyplast, Juvederm and Restylane. Synthetic fillers on the market include Artefill, Radiesse and Sculptra, and all have approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Some of these injectable fillers are absorbable, but there are also nonabsorbable fillers.

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