Where Do They Inject Vitamin B12?


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Vitamin B12 can be given as an intramuscular injection in muscles of the hip, buttocks, upper arm and thigh. These are the four main injection sites for intramuscular injections. However, when multiple injections are necessary, each subsequent injection should be separated by at least 1 inch on a particular muscle, relates Scott & White Healthcare.

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When choosing the needle for the injection, it should be long enough to go through the specific muscle. The needle gauge typically used is between 22 and 25 gauge. Similarly, theneedle length is dependent on other factors such as the muscle used for the injection andage and size of the patient, explains Scott & White Healthcare.

Not getting sufficient amounts of vitamin B12 from dietcan result in a deficiency.Vitamin B12 intramuscular injections area treatment option for various conditions caused by a B12 deficiency . Some reasons to prescribe vitamin B12 injections are to prevent anemia, to treat pernicious anemia or fordepression, relates the Mayo Clinic. The prescribed dosage can depend on the specific condition.

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