Are the ingredients of Slimfast all natural?


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Slim Fast products include both natural and artificial ingredients. The first few ingredients of the Slim Fast French Vanilla meal replacement shake are fat free milk, water, sugar and milk protein concentrate. This product also contains natural and artificial flavors.

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Some of the ingredients in the Slim Fast French Vanilla shake are derived from natural ingredients, though they may be altered during processing. The first ingredient listed in this meal replacement shake is gum arabic, which according to The Guardian is an emusifier and a stabilizer that is commonly found in soft drinks and chocolate, and it originates from the Arabic Senegal tree.

The second ingredient listed is canola oil, which comes from canola seeds, according to Eating Well. Eating Well states that most canola oil has been genetically engineered, unless it is certified organic.

The Slim Fast French Vanilla shake does contain some artificial ingredients, such as sucralose and acesulfame potassium (also referred to as acesulfame K), which, according to Sugar.org, are artificial sweeteners that are chemically made and not found in nature.

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