What Ingredients Are in Protandim?

What Ingredients Are in Protandim?

The main ingredients in Protandim are milk thistle, turmeric, bacopa, green tea and ashwagandha. Protandim is an herbal dietary supplement made with natural plant products that is said to combat the damaging effects of free radicals and regulate the aging process, claims LifeVantage.com.

Milk thistle is extracted from a seed, turmeric and ashwaganda are extracted from a root or rhizome, and green tree and bacopa are extracted from leaves. The five botanical ingredients in Protandim are patent-protected and are almost 20 times more effective when combined than they are alone, according to LifeVantage.com.

Taking one Protandim caplet every day for one month can reduce the cellular damage from free radical activity by 40 percent by boosting the body’s production of antioxidant enzymes, including superoxide dismutase and catalase, states LifeVantage.com. The company also claims Protandim may also slow the effects of aging and reduce the risk of degenerative disease.

One study of Protandim showed promise in reducing the stress of oxidation and increasing antioxidants in the blood, according to ClinicalTrials.gov, a service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

In 2012 LifeVantage recalled 10 lots of Protandim after small metal fragments were found in turmeric extract purchased from a third-party supplier, reports the Federal Drug Administration. The company changed its manufacturing process after the recall and claims there was no serious risk to consumers' health and no health problems were reported.