What Information Is Typically Included on Physical Forms for Sports?


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A medical form for a sports physical includes questions about the participant's medical history, a log of vaccinations and details about medications, surgeries, illnesses or known disabilities. The information used to fill out a sports physical form is obtained from a medical professional who conducts a physical exam on the patient.

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Parents or students can fill out the medical history portion of the exam that asks about serious illnesses of family members, previous hospitalizations, allergies, past injuries and medications. A medical professional fills out the vaccination log and provides any restrictions for the athlete before signing and dating the form.

The physical consists of an evaluation of the participant's hearts, abdomen, lungs, ears, nose and throat as well as posture, joints, flexibility and strength. Medical professionals record height and weight, test vision and take a pulse reading and blood pressure reading during the exam.

Sports physical forms are often required for students before participation in elementary, secondary or higher education athletic practices and games. A copy of the physical is often on file at the educational institution and copies may be requested by athletic organizations such as the National College Athletic Association or the student's state chapter of the High School Athletic Association.

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