What Information Is Required to Fill Out Chiropractic Forms?

What Information Is Required to Fill Out Chiropractic Forms?

A chiropractor's office may require patients to fill out multiple forms, including patient information, medical and personal history, a health information consent form and other forms, states CompleteChiropracticHealth.com. Some offices place their forms on their official websites for patients to fill out at home and bring in to an appointment.

The patient information form is standard for many offices and requires patients to provide their contact information, health insurance information, basic medical history and reason for the appointment.

Medical history forms tend to go more in-depth, asking about specifics on pre-existing health conditions, family medical history and lifestyle elements such as exercise frequency and recreational drug use. Chiropractors may have a detailed section for patients to fill out regarding their current and previous symptoms and complaints. These may include neck pain, back pain, balance issues and other unusual nerve sensations.

Patients may see an image of the human body on their medical forms with instructions to mark on the body where they have pain or other symptoms. This helps pinpoint problem spots before chiropractors examine patients.

Other forms, such as the Oswestry Disability Index, are filled out when applying for workers compensation in the event an injury occurred on the job, notes CompleteChiropracticHealth.com. There may also be an accidental injury form for cases in which someone is injured in a car or other accident and information is needed for insurance.