What Information Do You Need When Filling Out Mental Health Forms?

What Information Do You Need When Filling Out Mental Health Forms?

The information needed when filling out mental health forms usually includes contact information, insurance information and the name of the referring doctor, if there is one, according to BellMentalHealth.com. These forms are typically available at the health clinic or facility in question or may be available to download and print out at home through the location's website.

Mental health forms are usually a collection of pages asking for patient information and informing the patient of his or her rights. Patients should have their contact information, including name, address, phone number and email address, if possible.

Patients also need to provide the name of their primary physician and contact phone. Some may also have to provide the name of a referring physician, if it is different.

If using health insurance, patients should have their insurance cards and be able to provide their membership account number. Forms may also ask patients about their occupation, whether they are married or not and if they are minors.

Other forms for a mental health care provider require patients to agree to treatment or acknowledge policies on self-harm or privacy practices. Patients may also need to fill out a Patient Authorization to Release Protected Health Information form allowing the release of information to another person, such as a family member, according to HealthUMD.edu.