What Information Does an Infant Ibuprofen Dosage Chart Include?


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Infant ibuprofen dosage charts typically contain the child's weight and the corresponding ibuprofen dosage in milligrams, according to Ask Dr. Sears. Some charts also contain the precise amounts of specific ibuprofen products, such as the number of milliliters or number of tablets.

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What Information Does an Infant Ibuprofen Dosage Chart Include?
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When dosing ibuprofen, it is important to know the concentration of the ibuprofen product, explains Parents. For example, the correct dose of ibuprofen for a 20-pound infant is 75 milligrams. Ibuprofen infant drops contain 50 milligrams of ibuprofen per 1.25 milliliters, so the infant should receive 1.875 milliliters of ibuprofen infant drops. However, children's ibuprofen contains 100 milligrams of ibuprofen per 5 milliliters, so the infant needs 3/4 teaspoon, or 3.75 milliliters, to equal 75 milligrams. The child may receive too much or too little medication if the person administering the ibuprofen does not dose it based on the concentration.

Ibuprofen relieves pain, lowers fever and decreases inflammation, reports Ask Dr. Sears. Parents commonly give children ibuprofen for teething pain, earaches, headaches, sunburn and sore muscles. Ibuprofen is safe for children who are at least 2 months of age and weight at least 9 pounds. Although this medication causes minimal side effects, parents should not give ibuprofen to a child who has a history of stomach ulcers or who has large wounds or extensive bruises.

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