What Information Is Included on a Therapy Intake Form?


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Therapy intake forms request information such as the patient's name, contact information, and details about the mental health concerns that led the patient to schedule the appointment, explains The Catholic University of America Counseling Center. Depending on the particular facility or therapist, patients may have to write down the symptoms they are experiencing or check them off from a comprehensive list of symptoms. They may also have to describe circumstances in their lives they feel contribute to their mental status.

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Although therapists vary in their approaches to initial counseling sessions, there are common questions many therapists ask to begin gathering information about new patients, notes Psych Central. A common first step is asking the patient to describe in his own words why he is seeking help. Initial appointments also often involve questions about the patient's family, because family dynamics play a role in shaping a person's overall personality and sense of self.

The therapist may additionally ask specific details about which areas of the patient's life he feels his mental health struggles are affecting the most, states Psych Central. For example, the patient may feel he is having a hard time being productive at work or maintaining a healthy relationship with his spouse due to his condition. Patients can get the most out of this initial session by considering how to answer these common questions prior to the appointment.

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