What Information Is Included on a Hearing Aid Price List?


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One type of hearing aid price list compares models from different manufacturers in relation to price range, number of channels and warranty period, according to HearingPlanet. Another kind of list compares models from a single manufacturer, as displayed by Starkey Hearing Technologies. This chart indicates how well each model performs several functions, such as feedback cancellation, noise reduction, speech recognition, self learning and wireless accessory compatibility.

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Some hearing aid price lists are basic, including just the model name, average retail price and website sale price, ZipHearing shows.

As of 2014, the price of hearing aids runs from a few hundred dollars to about $7,000, AARP states. Prices depend upon geographical location as well as type of facility selling them. Features, power and size also influence cost, explains Consumer Reports. Prices are lower at online retailers and big box stores.

Since 2005, the prices of high-end and mid-level hearing aids have been decreasing, explains AARP. The cost of low-end aids has held relatively stable.

In general, manufacturers base prices for hearing aids on the costs of materials and research, AARP says. Retailers then figure in other expenditures, such as rent and overhead, diagnostic equipment, marketing, insurance and profit. The price tag also goes up due to employee costs, including salaries, licensing, training and continuing education.

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