What Information Do Doctors Give Victims of Heart Failure?


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Doctors inform victims of heart failure about self-care measures that can effectively help manage living with the condition. A doctor may provide information to a heart failure victim regarding medication regimens, dietary choices, abstaining from alcohol, weight management and journal keeping, according to WebMD.

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A doctor may advise a heart failure victim to adhere strictly to a prescribed drug regimen that usually consists of taking five to eight types of drugs per day. Heart failure victims living with any stage of the disease can reduce their chance of hospitalization or death by taking their medications correctly, according to WebMD.

A doctor may also advise a heart failure victim to consume no more than 2,000 mg of sodium per day and to avoid salt-laden foods such as cheese and pickles, according to WebMD. Additionally, patients with heart failure are advised not to drink alcohol because it weakens heart function and can aggravate the disease.

Medical professionals recommend that heart failure victims maintain a healthy weight and inform the doctor of any rapid increases in weight gain. Rapid weight gain can indicate that the body is retaining fluids and salts, and it can also indicate that the condition is worsening. Additionally, a doctor may advise patients to keep a journal of their symptoms and to record their weight and blood pressure on a daily basis, according to WebMD.

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