What Information Do You Find on a Cholesterol Chart?


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A cholesterol chart shows a person's total cholesterol level, low-density lipoprotein level, high-density lipoprotein level and triglycerides level, according to WebMD. These numbers are obtained through a lipid profile blood test.

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What Information Do You Find on a Cholesterol Chart?
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Total cholesterol is the amount of all cholesterol found in the blood, notes eMedicineHealth. LDL transports cholesterol particles throughout a person's body, and HDL moves excess cholesterol to the liver. Triglycerides are excess fat cells stored in the blood for energy.

Normal cholesterol levels vary depending on age, as stated by WebMD. A person's cholesterol chart generally shows what the normal range for these levels should be for his age and if his levels are higher or lower than these. LDL cholesterol is considered bad cholesterol and, when levels are high, put a person at a higher risk of numerous health conditions, including heart attack and stroke. HDL is considered good cholesterol, and higher levels of it decrease the buildup of cholesterol on arterial walls, thereby helping to reduce the risk of cholesterol-related health problems.

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