What Information Can You Find at the OASAS Website?

As of 2015, the Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services website contains information about addiction services in the state of New York. The Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Service soffers comprehensive prevention, treatment and recovery programs for alcoholism, chemical dependence and problem gambling.

OASAS.NY.gov contains information about fighting heroin addiction and synthetic marijuana, and a link to a program called “Talk 2 Prevent,” that helps parents talk to their children about alcohol and drugs. It also provides links to addiction prevention and treatment programs for adolescents and youth, and information about domestic violence and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

The website also has links to the latest news about addiction and information about 12 addiction treatment centers in New York state that provide inpatient services to 8,000 people every year. It also contains a toll-free phone number that provides access to confidential advice and referrals to treatment programs.

The Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services website provides links to school and community resources, promotes public awareness, and monitors trends about gambling and substance abuse. It also contains information about tobacco dependence, stress management, nutrition and exercise. The website provides information for addicts in recovery to improve their health and wellness and help reconnect with family and community.

The Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services also provides education, training and certification for alcohol and substance abuse counselors, prevention practitioners and prevention specialists, and it coordinates state-federal relations regarding addiction services.